This site makes relly good icons!!! SO go and order one!




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Please take this Poll!:

  1. Your Fave Miley Cyrus Song if you have one?
  2. Your Fave Hannah Montana Song if you have one?
  3. Your Fave Jonas Brother Song if you have one?
  4. Your Fave band(Besides Jonas Brothers!LOL)?
  5. Your fave song by that band?
  6. Your fave Webkinz if you like them?
  7. Your Fave store?
  8. Your Fave Ice Cream Flavor?
  9. Your Fve T.V. show?
  10. Your fave Jonas Brother?
  11. Your Fave Camp Rock song and Demi Lovato?

Here are my answers:

  1. 7 things
  2. Nobodys Perfect
  3. Burnin Up and Year 300
  4. One Republic
  5. Apologize
  6. Pegasus. I have it!
  7. Limited Too and American Eagle
  8. Play Dough
  9. Jon and Kate plus eight
  10. Nick all the way!
  11. Camp Rock: This is me and What it takes. Demi Lovato: That’s How you know

Please answer I really wanna know!

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Rileys Hair?

What was with Rileys hair last night on the new wizards of waverly place? he waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy quter with it curly! And this is kinda late but did anyone watch the new Degrassi?? I cant belive Manny and Jay arnt getting married! And did u see the previews for the new1???All I have 2 say is OMG!

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Bible School

Whens everybodys bible school and theme? Mine starts this Sunday! Me and Anzolee have planed 2 wear the same colors every day!LOL! The theme is Outtrigger Island.

I am super xcited!

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David Henrie

Did you know that David Henrie from Wizarders of Waverly Place has a girlfriend? Her name is Lucy Hale. She plays Miranda on the show!

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Hearts or Butterflys?

If u look at the top of theis page you will see the Left side has hearts on it and the right has Butterflys. Which ones do you like better? I wanna know!

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Hi my name is GellyAnn. But u can call me Gelly! Most of you may know me from the wwebkinz site BTW mine is webkinzfunwithgellyann.wordpress.com. I am a total Girly girl and that’s why I created this site! 2 talk about stuff other than Webkinz. Like shopping, Jonas Brother, TV, and lots others! So start commenting!


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